Englewood Street Art Project 2022

The need for traffic calming in the Englewood Arts District has been rapidly growing as the increasing popularity of the Englewood Arts District is bringing in more and more pedestrian
traffic. Community members, recognizing the need to slow traffic

down, became aware of a trend to utilize crosswalk art and painted areas on the street as a means to significantly calm
traffic and bring awareness to pedestrian walkways. Several local organizations agreed that using art as a solution is a great fit as it will be implemented in a city zoned Art District- the
Englewood Arts District. These organizations have worked together to support the launch and execution of the first annual Englewood Street Art Project including The West iND Connection,
The Englewood Business Association, The Englewood Community Improvement District, Englewood Arts, and the City of Independence. The Englewood Street Art Project is a great
example of how a community can come together to create positive solutions and spur good things to happen. This project also demonstrates beautifully how art can serve as a proactive
catalyst for many things, including safety!